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The DuraPeel technology is a self-occluding, film-forming formulation (typically a cream or gel) that provides extended-release delivery of the active ingredient(s) to the site of application. The self-occluding film reduces product transference risk, provides fast drying time, facilitates easy application and removal, and enables application to large and irregular skin surfaces.


Delivery Mechanism

  • Drug-containing cream/gel applied to a patient's skin forming pliable layer that releases drug into the skin for up to 12 hours.

  • Proven compatibility with a variety of active ingredients.


  • Self-occluding film reduces product transference risk.

  • Fast drying time and easy application & removal.

  • Effective application to large and irregular skin surfaces.

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Intellectual Property

  • Patents issued in Australia, Canada, China, Japan and the United States with the latest expiry in 2027.

  • Patent application pending in Europe.

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